I’m taking the plunge

Veggies in the morning

Hi.  I’m Chris and this is my life with food.  Memories, recipes, and kitchen disasters.

Those of you who know me are probably wondering why I’m bothering to blog now and what was the catalyst?  I’ve been writing a blog about random life observations for so long that I can’t remember when or how it actually started.  Granted, it did have one major flaw all these years – it never left my head.


This year I also started a serious effort to lose many unwanted pounds.  I never liked the word “diet” (always sounded like a “little death” to me) and decided instead to make lifestyle changes, the first of which was eat out less and cook more.  Cooking again on a somewhat regular basis (“regular” being a relative concept) I found myself remembering holidays and everyday meals.  I could almost smell my mother’s cooking as I strained to remember her recipes for cauliflower with garlic and baby artichokes with fava beans.  Pulling out old cast iron skillets, I could remember tales of her father’s cooking.  Sometimes I also remembered kitchen disasters and all the silliness that makes life wonderful (elephant gray cupcakes, anyone?).  I realized I wanted to share and preserve these stories.  Having always enjoyed writing, a blog seemed a natural medium in the twenty-first century.  And that brings us to this, my first post.

So, my friends both old and new, if something makes you smile or you find a helpful hint or recipe, then my blog is a success.  Please visit as often as you wish, stay a while when you do, and enjoy.